How the Caregiver placement process works?

Free Personal Assessment
One of our care professionals will meet with you and your loved one(s) to assess your needs and determine the best solutions.

At this time, we will explain all contractual details and fee arrangements.

Free Caregiver Interviews 
After the assessment, we will set up interviews for you with suitable caregivers. We take the time to understand your needs and offer best possible caregivers that meet your budget as well as your needs.

Get Started
Once you have made your choice, the care can begin whenever you choose.

Follow Up
We will periodically check in with you to see if you are satisfied with our services and your caregiver, and if we can help you further.

Can the agreement and rate change?

Due to changes in the level of care and scope of work, SICHCC or the Client may change the agreement or rate, subject to mutual agreement, with 2 days written notice.

What is the Caregiver’s scope of work?

Caregivers may provide light housekeeping, transportation, meal preparation, medication reminders, personal care and supervision, and assistance with ambulation and transfers.

What is “light housekeeping”?

Light housekeeping includes cleaning and maintaining the living areas, washing dishes, Client’s personal laundry, and changing linens.

Should the Caregiver get breaks?

Caregivers working an hourly shift of more than 5 hours are entitled to a 30-minute meal break (they bring their own meal/snacks unless working for more than 12 hours) and for every 4 hour of work, a 10-minute break is allowed. In addition, a live-in Caregiver should have 8 hours of sleep and two 30-minute meal breaks.

What do I do if the Caregiver gets hurt while working in my home?

You should immediately report the incident to SICHCC. We carry insurance to cover work related injuries.

What happens if I ask the Caregiver to work overtime or on holidays?

You will be charged for all of the hours you require the Caregiver to work. If you require to work on a National then Holiday pay is 1.5 times the regular pay.